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The story takes place in Oklahoma in the ’s. It is about two gangs or social classes named the ‘greasers’ and the ‘socs’. - The Outsiders INTRODUCTION: "The Outsiders" by S. E Hinton is an early novel based on two waring juvenile gangs, divided by economical and social background, the lower East side Greasers and the upper West side Socs.

This paper was originally reviewed and published in the Meta Research Bulletin, Volume 10, Number 3, September 15, by Meta Research, Inc, a scientific non-profit corporation dedicated to supporting promising but unpopular alternative ideas in astronomy. This history extended essay seeks to address the following question: To what extent were the French governmental policies responsible for ig.

Essay on The Outsiders Words | 7 Pages. The Outsiders ‘The Outsiders’ is written by S.E. Hinton. It is set in the s in a town in the USA.

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It is about the conflict of the two main teenager gangs called the Socs (short for Socials) and the Greasers. Probably the first indication of the theme of outsiders is the arrival of heathcliff to Wuthering heights as a child.

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The outsiders paper essay
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