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I am a shining-drafting em, The loyalest of settings!. Optimist International Essay Contest This Essay contest gives young people the opportunity to express their own written opinions on a predetermined topic. The contest is designed to develop writing and critical thinking skills.

Winston-Salem Optimist Club. BECOME A MEMBER"An Invitation To Become a Hero"If you: Are about the children of your community,Would like to be a young person's hero,Desire to make a positive difference in the community where you live/work,Are willing to volunteer your time and talent to help with projects that serve the children in your commun.

The Japanese American Optimist Club (JAO) was started in to assist the JA community and to help its children live successful and happy lives.

Welcome to the Central Ontario Optimist District. The Central Ontario Optimist District is usually referred to by its short form, CENON.

We are District 47 of Optimist International and CENON encompasses 57 Optimist Clubs in Ontario. CLICK THE *READ MORE* BUTTON BELOW ON HOW TO REGISTER FOR PROGRAMS/YOUTH SPORTS.


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Vernon Optimist conducts year-round recreational sports, academic oratorical & written essay contests & scholarships for Mt. Vernon School Corporation (Fortville, IN).


Optimist club essay contest
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