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Analyze the money of spheres of interest for one of the games in the Cold War. The IBO sells the IB History SL/HL Route 1 Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 and IB History SL/HL Route 2 Paper 1, Paper 2, and Paper 3 (history of Africa, Asia and Oceania, Americas, Europe and the Middle East) from to on their website.

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The IBO store is the only safe place to get past papers. Some Fresh Ideas For IB Extended Essay History Topics. To get the IB Diploma, every student has to write the extended essay.

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When you work on this essay, it will require you to do independent research on a topic of your interest. IB HISTORY “Study Skills” Papers 1,2,3. About this presentation essays J Leech Carey BGS IB History 8.

What to do in the exam room Paper 3 Avoid choosing questions from areas of the course that you have not been taught J Leech Carey BGS IB History IB HISTORY PAPER 2 RUBRIC Name:_____ Date:_____ GRADE SCALE MARK RANGE POINTS GENERAL COMMENTS 1 0 1 2 50% Demands of the question are not understood Knowledge is irrelevant, absent, or inaccurate Structure is incoherent and provide no analysis (ex – a list of (an argument that you will prove and sets up structure for your essay).

OPVL and Paper 1: IB History 1. Introduction and Review 2. Origin, Purpose, Value and Limitation A technique for analyzing historical documents.

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Known elsewhere as Document Based Questions (DBQ) POV (Point of View) Frame of reference The key skill needed for answering the questions on Paper 1 of your IB Exam in History. Answers to exam-style questions for Paper 1 Section B An abbreviated answer is given for one Paper 1 Section B example question per syllabus topic.

Section B questions have a.

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