Counterterrorism versus counterinsurgency essay

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David Kilcullen

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A definition of terrorism scores that can be able by all. David John Kilcullen FRGS (born ) is an Australian author, strategist and counterinsurgency expert and is currently the non-executive Chairman of Caerus Associates, a strategy and design consulting firm that he founded.

From tohe was Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism at the U.S. Future Warfare: Rethinking the Principles of War - project by the Office of Force Transformation (OFT).

Have the Principles of War changed? Some think it is an interesting question, and to that end we have put together a team to examine this subject. This response essay explores some of the key areas of agreement and disagreement between two recent articles on Cold War-era assessments of the Soviet economy.

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Counterterrorism versus counterinsurgency essay
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