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Isaac Asimov Asks, “How Do People Get New Ideas?”

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"Isaac Asimov on Throne" by Rowena Morrill via Wikimedia Commons. Where do ideas come from? The question has always had the potential to plague anyone trying to. I originally found this book at the library, as well as similar essay collections (Asimov: On Physics, On Numbers, On Astronomy).

All of Asimov's science books are fascinating sources for the casual reader. Isaac Asimov, the pre-eminent popular-science writer of the day and for more than 40 years one of the best and best-known writers of science fiction, died yesterday at New York University Hospital.

He was 72 years old and lived in Manhattan. He died of heart and kidney failure, said his brother, Stanley. Mr. Essays and criticism on Isaac Asimov - Asimov, Isaac. The Foundation/Robot Series What is this Forward the Foundation I keep hearing about?

Forward the Foundation is the last-written of the Foundation books. It was near completion at the time of Asimov's death and published a year later.

Isaac Asimov Essay

It is currently available in both hardback and paperback. The "traditional" view is that Eastern European Jews descend almost entirely from French and German Jews. This essay presents the pros and cons of the controversial "Khazar theory" of Eastern European Jewish origins and will attempt to provide a likely middle-ground solution to the question.

Asimov essay
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